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Automatic End-to-End Site Transfers

Tired of babysitting site transfers?

Save yourself the hassle. TransferBot makes it easy to put end-to-end site transfers on autopilot.

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Using your own connection for site migration?

Let’s face it, not everyone has access to super fast or rock solid internet. Not only that, many have to contend with data caps and expensive overage pentalties. Site migrations can eat through a month of data usage alottment in a day.

Switch to TransferBot and get...

Dramatically faster site transfers *
Immediate access to server-to-server internet speeds
Data center level internet connection reliability
Worry-free disk consumption on your personal computer
Less competition for your limited home internet connection

Don’t just take our word for it

“I’m definitely not a developer, but with TransferBot I was able to handle my own site migration without any trouble!”

Alvin F. Mitchell
Operations analyst

Built by people who *really* care is run by, a software services company founded in 2012 in California. We built TransferBot while running our day-to-day operations and felt this simple (but at times immensely time consuming) task could be better.

Since opening in 2012, has served hundreds of clients ranging from individuals with a dream to the fortune 100 and all sorts in between.

Common Questions

How long does a transfer take?

The duration of a transfer is heavily dependent on the connection protocol selected, the number of files, the overall size of the transfer, and any network limitations between TransferBot and the origin or destination servers.

Protocols like FTP and SFTP completely process files one at a time. TransferBot does work to process multiple streams simultaneously, but the fact remains FTP and SFTP are inherently inefficient.

Selecting SSH will always be the most efficient route. The protocol is simply unbeatable from a performance standpoint.

A 10GB end-to-end transfer composed of 20,000 files (consistent with a typical WordPress installation) via FTP or SFTP may take about 4 hours. The same transfer via SSH would take under an hour.

Which protocols does my hosting account support?

The availability of different protocols is varies widely from hosting company to hosting company. In our experience, FTP and — now increasingly — SFTP are the most common. We’re thrilled when we come across a server or, even better, a server pair that support SSH as this dramatically speeds up the process.

Is a human available to help?

Of course! We want your experience with TransferBot to be as smooth as possible. If you run into any problem whatsoever, please do reach out and we’ll be happy to assist.